Black technology beauty instrument, so that anti-aging skin is always online

Black technology beauty instrument, so that anti-aging skin is always online. Many girls rely on their youth to pay little attention to their skin care. Coupled with the fatigue of life and work, before they reach middle age, they find that their skin has become dull and nasolabial lines are ruthless. The whole person is like a flower that has lost its moisture, without the vitality of youth.

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But which girl is willing to face such a face? Therefore, many girls only think of remedy when their skin condition is not good. But at this time, the skin is already in a state of exhaustion. If there is no powerful way to assist, it is difficult to rejuvenate with some simple skin care products.


Real skin care experience, everyone loves it

 nuna by premier

As a mother, although I used to take good care of my skin, after 30, the facial muscles inevitably sag as a whole, and fine wrinkles appear on the skin. In order to solve my "face" problem, I spent a long time looking for a beauty instrument that would reassure me and help me maintain my skin.


The beauty device I use now was introduced to me by a colleague of mine. She is in her 40s, but the skin on her face is very smooth and shiny. It looks like she is in her 20s. She is very young. She said that this beauty device is very helpful for her skin care. Let me try it too. Give it a try.

A number of patent awards, black technology products

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It has to be said that people around me have mixed reviews about beauty devices, and in fact, if you don't buy the right one, it really doesn't do much. And the Nuna Skin effective anti-aging device by NUNA Premier that I use, although the price is slightly higher, but the powerful skin nourishing effect is real and visible, this is the beauty device that our girls really need.


Although it was introduced to me by a colleague, I also did my homework before buying it. This Nuna Skin effective anti aging device by NUNA Premier is a women's brand from Israel.The first phototherapy beauty device of Israel Technology is a black technology product. It is not only very famous locally, but also sells well in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. And it has more than 10 patents and international awards. These bright honors are not easy to get, so I bought it with great peace of mind.

Probe made of sterling silver, skin care without irritation

 nuna by premier deadsea

After I got the beauty instrument, I had the opportunity to really look at it. It is the size of a handheld microphone, and it touches the skin. It is a triangular sterling silver probe. The shape of the probe is based on ergonomic design. I tried it out, and its curvature is very close to the curve of my face combine.


And I learned through consultation that these probes are made of 925 sterling silver. We all know that silver products themselves have the skin care effect of expelling toxins and releasing silver ions. Using it to make probes will not only touch the skin, but also have no irritation and sensitivity.

Infrared pulses to stimulate collagen

nuna by premier deadsea

Black technology beauty instrument, so that anti-aging skin is always online. At the same time, the silver ions it releases, combined with a constant temperature of 41.7 degrees and red light and infrared rays, stimulate the collagen protein inside our skin and make the skin rejuvenated from the inside out. When I use it, my skin feels warm and very comfortable. I also use it together with skin care products according to the guidance of skin care experts, and use a beauty instrument to introduce the essence of skin care products into the depths of the skin, and the effect will be better.


Before using it, I also carefully read the manual of the beauty device. In addition to constant temperature and infrared rays, it also has a smart chip inside, which can control the vibration and micro-pulse frequency in the beauty device according to our skin quality to help our skin. to expel internal toxins. Although I can't judge this with my naked eyes, I can clearly feel that after using it for a while, the pores of my skin have become smaller, the skin looks very delicate and smooth, and it feels beautiful without BB cream.

Simple operation, effective skin rejuvenation

 nuna by premier deadsea

Black technology beauty instrument, so that anti-aging skin is always online. It's also very simple to use and easy to stick to. At the beginning, according to the introduction, I used it three times a week, and it didn't last long for each part, about 5 minutes, and after more than a month, the skin became noticeably more delicate, and the fine wrinkles were also improved. After the second month, I started to use it once a week, not only maintaining the original effect, but also getting better after using it for a period of time, which gave me the motivation to use it until now.

Black technology beauty instrument, so that anti-aging skin is always online.

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