Nuna by premier beauty device

I have recommended beauty instruments for a long time, but due to the wide variety of brands, I have been waiting and watching without starting. I have also done a lot of homework, radio frequency micro-current pulsed light, and various principles. Finally, I decided to enter this Israeli black technology, Nuna by Premier, which is known as the "beauty instrument for ladies". The principle of red light is to heat the dermis to promote collagen regeneration, which is the same as the recently popular Thermage principle.

The box was sent from Israel across the ocean and was slightly deformed. Fortunately, the inside is still intact after unpacking. When you open it, you will find the warranty card, charger, and beauty instrument, which is simple and rude. I can't wait to try it a few times, and it feels very good. Tell me about your current experience.

nuna pro by premier

Probe -

The probe is warm and hot (42 degrees), the thermal conductivity of 925 silver is better, and the area is also large, and the whole face can be covered by moving it a few times. The feeling of use is very comfortable and it doesn't hurt at all. I used the nuface eye fix and I cried for the first time.

use -

It takes more than eight hours to charge for the first time. I have used it five or six times now (about fifteen minutes each time), and it does not need to be charged, and the unplugged design allows you to scan while doing other things. The face does not need to be fixed in the bathroom. There is also a five-minute timer reminder. When the time is up, it will remind you to change sides.

gel -

I don’t need gel, I think this is a very attractive point for me, because many RF micro-current beauty devices need to be matched with gel, and after use, you have to wash your face and replenish the gel regularly (it’s not cheap either..) The official said that it can be used on dry face, but I added an oily essence, which will be better to push, and found that the essence is absorbed very well after use.

nuna by premier

Effect -

This beauty instrument has some immediate effects. The half of the face is lifted and firmed. The other effects of reducing pores, wrinkling and whitening have not been seen yet, but it is obvious that the face is firmer than before. There is also blue light for acne and anti-inflammatory, which is very friendly to my acne-prone skin.

In short, I am still very satisfied at present, and I hope that I can continue to use it. Everyone should be beautiful in the hot summer!

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