Endowing the power of transcendence, Lumenis's new beauty device brand ENVIG

On August 16, 2022, KMD, a global leader in professional aesthetic devices, announced the launch of its new home aesthetic device brand, ENVIG, which was introduced to the Chinese market in 2014 with the highly successful TriPollar aesthetic device. With its clinically proven technology and successful practical experience in the professional aesthetic market, KMD brings another technological change this year with its new brand, ENVIG, dedicated to meeting the growing demand for home aesthetic devices from global consumers.

ENVIG EDGE RF beauty instrument

Beauty pioneer beyond imagination

Lumenis, the parent company of ENVIG, is an international technology expert that pioneered the development and commercialization of innovative medical aesthetic technologies. With over 50 years of innovation in the field of professional medical aesthetics, beauty care and minimally invasive clinical solutions, ENVIG is built from the needs of female consumers themselves, with the breakthrough technology of non-invasive fractional radio frequency and the strength of the top research team of experts as the navigator, to create the new EDGE beauty instrument to provide consumers with a new skin renewal experience beyond their imagination.

Ms. Sharon Ravid, CEO of Pollogen, a subsidiary of Lumenis, said, "As the Chinese home beauty device market continues to become more regulated, more and more consumers are realizing the importance of choosing professional products and how to make their choices. Compared to the more expensive in-hospital beauty programs, the lightweight, portable and cost-effective home beauty devices allow people to enjoy the fun of "beauty on the go" at home. Based on cutting-edge technological innovation, the new ENVIG EDGE beauty device brings the exclusive non-invasive fractional RF technology to consumers' homes."

 ENVIG EDGE RF beauty instrument

Breakthrough technology to revolutionize skin renewal

ENVIG EDGE is stunningly introduced as the world's first non-invasive fractional RF home beauty device. Non-invasive Fractional RF technology is the latest in skin resurfacing technology that safely and effectively restores your skin to a younger, smoother, more radiant state. This at-home technology is based on Lumenis' professional medical grade technology "Fractional RF" and "Multi-Polar RF".

ENVIG EDGE's non-invasive fractional RF technology ensures safe use with dual gentle pulses and creates superior results for skin care. The first pulse targets the epidermis for optimal resurfacing and skin smoothing. The second pulse, which penetrates deep into the dermis, boosts collagen and elastin production to tighten the skin and speed up the metabolism of epidermal skin cells.

 ENVIG EDGE RF beauty instrument

Enjoy new life within reach

The ENVIG EDGE is designed for home use and easily enjoys the same facial skin resurfacing technology of leading professional beauty institutes. The ENVIG EDGE is wireless, battery powered and easy to use, making it not only suitable for home use, but also a travel essential. Use it anytime, anywhere, as you wish. In as little as 4 minutes, you can complete your own beauty ritual, with a short treatment time for optimal results, allowing your skin to glow from within, reshaping it into a smooth and radiant skin with the ultimate experience, making you fall in love with your natural and lustrous skin, inspiring confidence and enjoying new life.

 ENVIG EDGE RF beauty instrument

ENVIG will always be committed to providing consumers with a new choice of safer, more professional and higher standard home RF beauty devices.

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*The actual effect of use varies from person to person. Please read the user's manual and follow the instructions before using the product. For more information, please refer to the product details page.

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