How to choose a beauty device that suits you

How to choose a beauty device that suits you?  Faced with all kinds of beauty instruments and various functions, which beauty instrument is really suitable for you? Here's how to choose the right beauty device for you.

1. Select according to the principle

Different beauty instruments have different working principles, and different principles have different effects. When choosing a beauty instrument, you need to choose according to its principle and effect.

Radio frequency beauty instruments are recognized as effective in the beauty industry. Radio frequency is a kind of energy. The principle is to use radio frequency waves to enter the skin and generate heat. When the radio frequency penetrates into the human skin, the subcutaneous collagen will shrink and close, that is, the skin that penetrates the dermis begins to produce a self-protective response, which accelerates the synthesis of new collagen cells, thereby stimulating the production of collagen and accelerating the metabolism of skin cells, thereby enabling The skin becomes denser and younger. Therefore, the radio frequency beauty instrument is very suitable for the use of light and mature skin that pursues lifting and firming and promotes collagen production. The effect of using this beauty device is most pronounced for skin that has developed fine lines.


JUJY 24K Rejuvenating and Firming RF Machine

Brand new upgrade, cinema-level energy introduction


The new situation of radio frequency + pulse current + far-infrared combined with anti-aging, witnessed the skin's youthful state in 4 weeks


MRF radio frequency + SEMS micro current + HFIP composite electric pulse superimposed active radio frequency three modes


Infrared light + far-infrared dual optical technology heat input, skin care must be black technology


24K gold anti-allergic guide head, the area is expanded to 1400mm² + 50%, which saves time and effort and is more efficient and has no dead spots for skin care


Upgrade the temperature control technology, the guide head can track the contact temperature in real time according to the use situation, which is safer and more intelligent


With exclusive firming repair gel, the skin is smooth and shiny and visible


The packaging is more portable, and the accompanying bag storage box makes storage and use more convenient


1. Brand new upgrade, cinema-level energy introduction, radio frequency + pulse current + far-infrared new situation combined with anti-ageing, 4 weeks to witness the skin returning to a young state


2. MRF radio frequency + SEMS micro current + HFIP composite electric pulse superimposed active radio frequency three modes, infrared light + far infrared dual optical technology warm introduction, skin care must be black technology


3.24K gold anti-allergic guide head, the area is expanded to 1400mm²+50%, which saves time and effort, and has higher efficiency and no dead spots in skin care.


4. Upgrade the temperature control technology, the guide head can track the contact temperature in real time according to the use situation, safe and reliable, and more intelligent


With exclusive firming repair gel, the skin is smooth and shiny and visible; the packaging is more portable, and the accompanying bag storage box makes storage and use more convenient

Upgrade 3 major models, anti-ageing and more professional

Water replenishment penetration mode: SEMS micro current mode, deep penetration introduction

Activate collagen regeneration: MRF radio frequency mode to create fair and moisturized skin

Firming and anti-wrinkle mode: HFIP radio frequency mode to reduce wrinkles and sagging


Product parameters

  1. Brand: JUJY
  1. Product name: 24K Rejuvenating and Firming Radio Frequency Machine
  1. Product after-sales: Hong Kong, Macau
  1. Product maintenance: 1 year
  1. Product origin: Japanese brand, made in China
  1. Color: rose gold
  1. Packing list: host *1 charging cable *1 carrying bag *1 machine cloth *1 base *1 manual *1 official gel *1
  1. Main material: ABS, PC, zinc alloy, 24K gold-plated
  1. Power: 6W
  1. Rated voltage: 5V
  1. Product weight: about 1265g
  1. Plug: Type-C charging cable
  1. Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  1. Charging time: about 1.5h
  1. Use time: about 30-60 minutes

Repel the dark yellow and create a good complexion. 850nm far-infrared light can penetrate 2mm into the subcutaneous tissue, speed up blood circulation, lighten melanin, brighten the skin, and the dark yellowness of the face will disappear.


The principle of the LED irradiation type beauty instrument is very simple, and different light bands will have different reactions to the skin. With precise waveband settings, the LED beauty device can kill acne-causing bacteria under the skin's epidermis, while the red light can promote collagen production, firming facial skin and reducing pores. However, the LED beauty device works very slowly, usually takes several months, and needs to be irradiated regularly every day. It is suitable for any skin type, especially for acne-prone skin and loose skin.

Nuna Skin Effective Anti Aging Device By NUNA Premier

Nearly three years of experience with elite materials, scientists and numerous awards of excellence and global recognition allow us to proudly present our masterpiece - NUNA.

Set high standards and continue to explore the latest technologies - making them accessible to all individuals who desire the latest and greatest treatments. NUNA is designed and manufactured to convert the same technology that professional dermatologists use in the clinic, but resize industrial equipment into a handheld device that is non-invasive, safe and can be used at home.

NUNA is 100% committed to providing the latest in skin regeneration and firming technology. Ultimately, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and overall poor skin tone can be targeted.


Validation results

  • Improve discoloration
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks
  • Accelerates production of collagen and elastin
  • Reduced inflammation
  • reduce bacteria
  • Accelerates the healing of wounds and scars...


In the early 90s, NASA implemented red light therapy to help grow plants in space. Scientists have revealed that the intense light emitted by red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) helps promote the growth of plant cells.

NUNA uses dual wavelengths and light: red light therapy at 633 nm, infrared light therapy at 830nm, and detox blue light therapy at 450nm.

red light therapy

The potential applications of red light therapy in medicine were then explored, researched and clinically tested, more precisely to reveal whether red light therapy could accelerate energy within the body's cells.

The principle of the micro-current type beauty instrument is to use micro-current to act on the skin, stimulate the muscles through massage, restore the elasticity of the muscles, accelerate the production of collagen, and make the facial lines clearer, thereby eliminating edema and improving the facial thinning effect, which is more suitable for frequent edema. and girl with sagging facial skin.


Building on the success of Dr Arrivo The Zeus, this new model is equipped with a freely moving head and larger surface area, meaning you can treat all areas of your face with ease and precision.

Combining the brand's patented Ultra Pulse and MFIP technology with a selection of expert anti-ageing technologies, Dr Arrivo The Zeus II promotes blood circulation, aids lymphatic drainage and boosts collagen production. The result? A firmer, visibly plumper and healthier-looking complexion.


Radio Frequency works by warming up your skin to boost its metabolism and elasticity. As the dermis layer is heated up, collagen fibres are rebuilt and the skin is tightened. Blood circulation is also improved, meaning additional skincare products are absorbed better too.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is used to stimulate your facial muscles, contributing to the skin-tightening effect and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The device boasts a specialist EMS button, designed for daily use, to tighten and restore your skin’s look.

Three different types of LED light are combined with 5 modes to tackle a variety of skin problems. Red light enhances metabolism and reduces fine lines. Green light brightens your skin radiance and natural glow. Blue light reduces acne and has anti-inflammatory properties. When used together, the lights work to repair and promote healthy skin growth.

The Zeus II also uses Mid-Frequency Interval Pulse (MFIP) + Ultra Pulse (UP). This microcurrent treatment delivers gentle pulses into the skin's cells to boost circulation, tighten facial muscles and stimulate metabolism.


Step 1: Once a week, use the MFIP/UP mode or Radio Frequency setting. Apply the PE Golden Beauty The Serum to your face and massage in with the device - working along the jawline to your ear and then downwards.

Step 2: Move the device in an upwards motion from your jaw to your temple. Then, move the device from the bottom of your nose to your temple, and then from your eye to your temple.

Step 3: Finish above your eyebrows, gentle working upwards towards your hairline.

For daily use: Select the EMS mode and apply the PE Golden Beauty The Massage Gel. Place the device on the targeted area for 3 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times.


The PE Golden Beauty The Serum has been designed to nourish and moisturise your skin while using the Zeus II. Packed with Nobel award-winning Anti-Glycation and Anti-Oxidation ingredients, the serum restores the skin’s elasticity, brightening and uplifting complexions. Simply use it as part of your daily skincare routine, before using the device.


The dynamic treatment head moves freely in all directions and boasts 9 electrodes made from 24K gold, a powerful element which improves signs of ageing, supports collagen production and increases hydration.

2. Pick by Type

How to choose a beauty device that suits you? There are various beauty instruments on the market. Different types of instruments are aimed at different parts and effects. For example, the beauty instruments for the face are mainly used to improve the facial skin, while the beauty instruments for the head mostly promote the maintenance of the scalp and hair. Therefore, we can divide the beauty equipment into skin beauty types and hairdressing types, which will be more targeted.

The face is one of the most important parts of beauty care and the most commonly used part of beauty equipment. There are a variety of beauty devices for the face, including nano-water steamers that have cleansing effects, import and export effects, and promote hydration. When choosing the type of beauty equipment, we can choose the beauty equipment according to our own needs.

If the face is greasy, the pores are large, and the acne is frequent, you can choose a clean facial beauty device, which can effectively help the skin balance oil, thereby improving the pores and acne problems. Girls who wear makeup for a long time or use skin care products without any effect can carry an import-export beauty device, which is one of the most basic beauty devices. The export effect can help us perform secondary cleaning and keep the pores of the skin unblocked. Girls who wear makeup for a long time need regular deep cleansing to avoid clogged pores. Secondly, the introduction effect can help skin care products achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

3. Select by function

How to choose a beauty device that suits you? Different tools have different uses, and choosing the type of use according to your own needs can ensure the use of the machine. Therefore, we can choose the type according to whether the beauty device is used for cleaning, massage or hair removal.

Washing your face is known as the first step in skin care. Everyone needs a face wash. Therefore, it is very common to have clean beauty equipment. Facial cleansers are often used on the face. Proper use can help us wash our face more cleanly and reduce skin problems caused by improper cleaning, excess dirt residue and clogged pores.

Massage-type beauty instruments can be said to be a must-have at home, not only for beauty-loving women, but also for the elderly, children, office workers and students. Massage beauty instruments can be divided into manual lifting type, physical vibration type, and built-in massage ball type. The manual lift type is mostly used on the face. This massage apparatus requires manual movement of the lift. Long-term use can achieve the effect of lifting and firming the skin. It is more suitable for people who are looking for firming skin, anti-aging and wrinkles.

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