How to choose an eye beauty device ?

How to choose an eye beauty device? Although the skin around the eyes is a square inch, it is weaker and more susceptible to irritation than other parts of the skin, so it is not easy to care for. Many people's first fine lines appear around the eyes. This fine line may be the expression lines that appear when laughing, the small dry lines under the eyes, or the crow's feet that appear quietly at the corners of the eyes... so aging The alarm bell seemed to be ringing all at once. Then, skin problems around the eyes, such as wrinkles, sagging, and sagging, appear at a speed that is visible to the naked eye, and can be out of control.

At present, there are three main types of approved eye care methods: eye cream, medical beauty and eye beauty device. But who is better at improving the eye area? Who is safer? Who is more cost-effective?

Eye Cream Prevents Wrinkle Deepening, But Has Limited Effect on Stubborn Wrinkles

How to choose an eye beauty device? When doing eye care, the first thing that many people think of is eye cream. The eye cream is easy to use and can play a basic moisturizing role. Continuing to use some functional eye creams can indeed prevent some wrinkles from deepening, such as eye creams with ≥ 0.075% concentration of A-alcohol ingredients. But when it comes to visible, stubborn wrinkles, or sagging around the eyes, eye creams are usually limited. In addition, some eye creams containing functional ingredients may have irritation problems. Remember to try it first to see if the skin around your eyes tolerates it. In short, eye cream is an entry-level product for eye care, which is more suitable for preventing eye aging, but it is difficult to significantly improve existing aging problems. Therefore, you can use other types of products in addition to eye cream.

Eye medical beauty is fast and effective, but it is a test of wallet and vision

How to choose an eye beauty device? There are many medical beauty projects for eye care, and more and more people are beginning to contact medical beauty because of the obvious effects. For example, dynamic wrinkles can be removed by botulinum toxin injection, and with one injection, the wrinkles can be basically improved significantly. However, the effect can only last for 3 to 6 months, and after the expiration date, it is necessary to inject again, and after the injection, there may be bruises, a little pain, and it may be more expensive. The relaxation and sagging of the eyes are mainly solved by surgery, such as eye bag removal. If the surgery is successful, there will be immediate results. However, the price of surgery is high, and the expensive one costs 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, and the recovery period is long. Therefore, even after medical art, it is necessary to maintain and maintain the skin around the eyes. Moreover, medical beauty also tests everyone's ability to avoid pits. If you lack a pair of bright eyes, you are likely to choose an informal hospital, or encounter a doctor with poor skills and inconsistent aesthetics. In the end, it will not only be difficult to solve the problem around the eye, but it may also make the problem worse.

Eye beauty device, can tighten the eye area, improve fine lines, easy to use, cost-effective

How to choose an eye beauty device? On the whole, eye cream is easy to use, but it has limited effect in combating obvious wrinkles and sagging. Although medical beauty projects are fast and effective, some projects are very expensive, and the requirements for medical skills are particularly high. The eye beauty device can find a balance between medical beauty and eye cream. From the effect point of view, compared with the simple use of eye cream, after adding a professional eye beauty device, the effect of tightening and reducing wrinkles around the eyes will be improved to a higher level. Compared with a single medical beauty treatment, although the short-term effect of professional eye beauty instruments is inferior, long-term persistent use can really effectively tighten the skin around the eyes and lighten the wrinkles around the eyes. Eye beauty devices not only work well, but also have advantages in terms of price, convenience and cost-effectiveness. It is not a fast-moving consumer product, you can use it for many years if you buy one. The average daily cost is actually not much, and it can be used at home, saving the time to go to the hospital, which is very suitable for urban lazy people.

TriPollar Stop Eye 2 +

After the age of 25, I really feel that I am starting to age, especially the ageing of the eyes, and the eye cream alone is really not enough! Working in front of the computer every day, and living without a mobile phone!All kinds of eye problems will appear, such as fine lines, dark circles, bags under the eyes, etc. I don’t know if you are as serious as me, but you must take precautions early.

I recently bought an eye beauty device, and I think it's pretty good after using it!

How to choose an eye beauty device? It is Israel's Tripollar stop eye2+ RF eye beauty instrument. I liked it when I got it. Its body is small and exquisite, and it feels particularly good in the hand. The contact area of ​​the massage head is very large, which is very convenient for massaging the eye area.

I use Tripollar stop eye2+ 4 times a week, the warm touch of Tripollar stop eye2+ especially relieves the eye fatigue problem of the day, and using eye cream after Tripollar stop eye2+ is not wasted at all. And some little fairies will have eye cream that does not absorb, and there are problems with fat granules in the eyes. Among them, there is no proper massage after the eye cream is applied, which will cause fat particles to float on the surface for a long time. Radio frequency can help you solve this problem. Tripollar stop eye2+ can also be used on our nasolabial folds, forehead folds and neck folds, and it is really a targeted solution in all aspects.

I've been using it for a while and I've seen great improvements in every way. The little fairy you like can consider it~

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JUJY iHero Eyes Care Massager

JUJY iHero Eyes Care Massager is a high-tech radio frequency eye beauty device specially produced for eye problems such as fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, fatigue and bags under the eyes.

How to choose an eye beauty device? JUJY iHero Eyes Care Massager uses radio frequency to care for the eye skin, stimulates collagen regeneration, and improves various eye problems that appear on the eye skin. JUJY iHero Eyes Care Massager can effectively relieve eye fatigue, promote eye blood circulation, stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the eye skin, and at the same time can dilute the eye problems of dark circles, eye bags and puffy eyes.

This is Jujy's model specifically for the eye area. It has been used for almost 10 days, and I feel that the eye lines, tear trough and dark circles are still relatively obvious. I have always been troubled by dark circles under the eyes. When I bought it, considering that Jujy has a lot of products, there are many products for all parts of the body. It should be more professional, so I bought JUJY iHero Eyes Care Massager from MYERNK. After washing your face every morning and evening, you can use it to care for your eye area. After using JUJY iHero Eyes Care Massager, thoroughly cleanse the gel before proceeding with your eye care! The effect requires persistence!

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