Tripollar Stop Vx and Stop Vx Gold

The difference between Tripollar Stop Vx and Stop Vx Gold:

Talk about the difference between Tripollar Stop Vx Gold 2nd and 1st generation - including Stop eye 2nd generation.

Both Stop Vx Gold 2 and Stop eye 2 are upgraded versions of the 1st generation. Compared with the 1st generation Gold, the new Stop Vx Gold 2 second generation RF beauty instrument has added turbo-charged radio frequency technology, which can heat up faster. The effect is more obvious.

The difference between the new Stop eye 2nd generation and 1st generation is mainly to upgrade the radio frequency, from the 3rd generation to the 4th generation, and increase the 3D temperature control technology, the temperature control is more accurate, and the thermal massage function is also added. These two models are about the same price as the old models, so buy the new ones or not the old ones.

tripollar stop x

In addition, to briefly talk about other series, Stop VX Gold2 and Desire are both listed this year, while Stop xrose is last year's style, the price of VX Gold is the most expensive, but it is also the most comprehensive.

The difference between Tripollar Stop Vx and Stop Vx Gold:

  1. The MYERNK flagship version of Stop VX Gold adopts dual-frequency (1MHz-1.25MHz) radio frequency technology, which is faster than the single frequency (1Mhz) of the classic Stop beauty instrument, and covers the depth of the dermis layer more comprehensively. The dual-frequency radio frequency function is very effective in promoting collagen regeneration in the dermis layer, and a significant apple muscle filling effect can be seen about 10 minutes to 1 hour after a single use.
  2. Like Stop VX, Stop VX Gold uses the second-generation DMA technology, that is, under the DMA function, the radio frequency and DMA act at the same time, and the lifting effect of the jawline can be seen instantly.
  3. The improvement of electrode materials, compared with StopVX, is that the new StopVX Gold version adopts a 24K yellow gold electrode tip, which has two advantages. First, it is inert and not easy to be oxidized and corroded, and it is more durable; second, it is It has better electrical conductivity than medical stainless steel, and transmits RF energy and DMA more efficiently;

About the price: MYERNK had activities. It is recommended to take a look and it is cheaper than other, having a competitive price.

tripollar stop vs stop x

  1. The improvement of the gel texture, compared with the StopVX gel, is that the StopVX Gold version of the gel has added gold foil particles, which is easier to spread on the skin surface than the StopVX ordinary gel, and the skin feels light and not heavy. . When the DMA function of the gel with gold foil particles is added, it is more comfortable to use because of the improved electrical conductivity.
  2. Using this precious metal material as electrode material and gel material makes the product more luxurious and makes users feel more valuable;
  3. Stop VX Gold also applies the upgraded dynamic 3D temperature sensing technology, which dynamically detects the temperature at 5 points on the skin surface, and sensitively prompts the user to change the action position when the temperature reaches the standard. In actual use, the StopVX Gold Taurus Ultimate Edition is more sensitive to temperature than the Stop VX.

So this is the difference between Tripollar Stop Vx and Stop Vx Gold, if you have any comments or recommendations, visit and email the service emails. Buy the Tripollar Stop Vx now!!

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