PLAMINE Clionefit

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PLAMINE Clionefit

Ultra-compact facial device with 5 functions 

Esthetic care at home 

Equipped with 5 excellent functions, the
Clione Fit is an ultra-small facial beauty device that maximizes the effect of skin care cosmetics, including "Insert Pulse", which gives firmness to the skin, "EMS" and "RF High Frequency". Equipped with 5 functions of "LED" that enhances skin treatment to "MFIP", a patented technology that promotes the feeling of being there and introduction.
Combined with Pramine Essence, it is even more effective.

Insert Pulse With
conventional treatment methods, high-molecular ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are simply applied, can now lead to moist and smooth skin while preparing the skin.

Alternating current acts on scrambling by adopting 4-pole EMS elements. The weak electric current works on the muscles to cause muscle movement (secondary effect), and you can feel the firmness and elasticity of your skin.

RF (High Frequency)
High frequency has the characteristic of trying to flow through the shortest distance between electrodes. When high frequency waves are passed through living tissue, the areas where the energy easily flows are determined, and heat is generated there.

By alternately outputting MFIP (Intermittent Intermittent Pulse)
Ultra Pulse, we have realized a comfortable sensation of being hit by acupressure. Improvements can be expected for the introduction effect, RF, and EMS.

The light care of LED (light energy)
will improve the texture of your skin. The blue wavelength keeps the skin healthy by illuminating the skin with a specific wavelength that cuts ultraviolet rays, and the red wavelength is expected to be anti-aging.

Choose a mode that matches your skin tone Two bodily sensations, normal mode and fit mode, and 3 levels of strength can be selected for each mode.

Adorable design
The shape of the head and the miniaturization of the electrodes optimize the distance from the skin and fit tightly to small areas such as the corners of the nose, eyelids, and lips.

Achieving a surprising weight reduction of 52g
As a home care machine, we have developed a special engine to reduce the weight so that daily care is not a hassle.

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