Trends in Session: What’s New in Beauty for 2022

The New Year in 2022 has arrived, and our team has discovered some new beauty trends in editorials and videos that will make you look great from head to toe !

Beauty Trends for 2022

Hair: Texture, Curls, And Luxe Color

With more time spent at home now than ever, it has led many of us to embrace our hair’s texture, and we’re not done with the trend yet.Speaking of natural appearance, healthy hair is important, please take a look at our hair care hero--Mysé.


I want you to enjoy the best care at the beauty salon in a more free style. "Mysé" was born from such a wish. It is a home esthetic brand from Japan named after the initials of "My Smart Esthe". Esthetic-grade care that reproduces the delicate fingering and techniques of estheticians is available. Now, you can relax and enjoy various beauty treatments at home. mysé supports women who are full of brilliance.


Do you have such a problem?

"I'm worried about the looseness of my skin ..."

"I don't want to look in the mirror ..."

The cause may be that the muscles of the scalp (= head muscles) are stiff !?

The head and face are connected by a single piece of skin, and the muscles are connected as well.

The weakening of the head muscles can also cause the face to feel sluggish.


SCALP mode

A unique low-frequency EMS dedicated to the scalp is output from the 12 electrode pins to stimulate the head muscles that tend to become stiff. In addition, while brushing, the entire scalp is stretched with about 7,000 fine movements per minute. Efficient care is possible with the synergy of low frequency and vibration while outputting microcurrent at the same time.

FACE mode

With 22 flexible pins, "multi-point" electrodes output complex low and medium frequencies. It is possible to output EMS from all directions to the facial muscles composed of more than 30 types and stimulate the facial muscles in a multifaceted and intensive manner. In addition, microcurrent is also output at the same time, leading to a clean impression even with facial expressions.

Support Support

Reliable support even after purchase

If you have any problems using the product

Please contact the call center.

In addition, it is a product covered by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Please feel free to contact us using the contact information provided in the instruction manual or [Click here for inquiries].

* Only when a failure occurs during normal use (excluding accessories)

* Only when purchasing at an authorized dealer

 Reliable support even after purchase

Skin:Fresh Skin, natural, dewy-looking skin

Speaking of hugs: Natural, hydrated skin always dominates Instagram.Some simple and easy-to-operate devices are also revived in the New Year.


"This is the Korean skin care gadget that everyone should own", as seen in publications such as VOGUE, Financial Times, Tatler, Country & Townhouse, etc.

CELLRETURN uses safe and effective patented LEDs and NASA-derived technology to bring you Platinum LED masks with 1,026 LED lights. The CELLRETURN Platinum Mask has 342 near infrared (NIR), 342 red wavelengths (RWL) and 342 blue wavelengths (BWL), providing you with a total of 1,026 LED lights. It is the most powerful and effective skin care equipment in the world.


10 reasons why CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask is the best in the world

1,It has 1026 LED lights, making the CELLRETURN platinum mask a very powerful professional LED mask, suitable for your personalized and hygienic home use, especially during the pandemic.

2,It uses Near Infrared (NIR) technology (used by NASA) to penetrate the skin 12 times deeper than any other mask or LED device on the market.

3,It has 4 different modes, which you can customize according to your skin needs.

4,It can improve the appearance of acne and skin blemishes.

5,It can improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

6,It helps to improve the appearance of skin redness.

7,It helps reduce the appearance of skin pores.

8,It can prevent wrinkles, sagging and sagging skin, and make the skin look younger.

9,It is wireless, portable and easy to use.

10,Combine 2 devices into 1 because it covers the face and neck. This can help lines and sagging skin appear around the neck and chin area.

You can choose the black or white version of the CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask with a gold mask. Includes wireless charging stand, charger, an additional open silver face mask, cleaning towel, silicone eye mask, warranty and user manual.

The red mode (20 minutes) combines near infrared (NIR) and red wavelength (RWL) to get a brighter and younger-looking skin, by improving skin density, hydration, elasticity and pore reduction.

This blue mode (20 minutes) uses blue wave length (BWL) to treat acne and blemishes, and control oil and sebum secretion. Most suitable for problematic skin.

The pink mode (20 minutes) uses both red wavelength (RWL) and blue wave length (BWL); reduces inflammation and helps calm the skin.

In the fast mode (9 minutes), the red mode is 7 minutes, the blue mode is one minute, and the pink mode is one minute for fast-paced professionals. Intensive and effective skin care.

* For those who are sensitive to light or have migraines, Lily Earle recommends using Black Platinum LED masks (less reflection than white), and do not use the blue mode when migraines. Red mode or pink mode will be more helpful.

Apply to clean skin after washing and before any creams or moisturizers. You can use our specific serum before the mask, otherwise continue with regular skin care after use. If you use retinol or retinoid cream, you must be gentle on the skin at the beginning, choose to apply the mask for 5-10 minutes a day, or use it 3 times a week, and use it for a full 20 minutes at first, until the skin is ready and done Be prepared to continue the best daily use. This is because retinol causes skin thinning and skin sensitivity to light.

For normal skin, you can use the mask for up to 20 minutes a day, and it is recommended to use it at least 3 times a week for best results.

Eyes: eliminate fatigue, moisturize and brighten

Hydrated eyes are very important socially, especially when looking at people.Our team found a new radio frequency eye beauty device -TRIPOLLAR STOP EYE 2 +.

TRIPOLLAR radio frequency (RF) technology is an innovative, proprietary third-generation technology designed to overcome the limitations of previous unipolar and bipolar technologies

TriPollar® RF is clinically and histopathologically proven that it can simultaneously, uniformly and volumetrically heat the surface (dermis) and deep (subcutaneous) layers while treating the body and face. The focused TriPollar RF-due to its high density-can use low energy, thus providing immediate and long-lasting results. Deep heating promotes the production of collagen and elastin, thereby making the skin firmer and smoother. In addition, for the body, heating fat cells will speed up the metabolism and shrink them, thereby shaping the body and reducing the appearance of the cells. TriPollar care is simple to use and very effective. It can provide body shaping, skin tightening, cellulite reduction and wrinkle treatment. From the first treatment, after a course of treatment, the effect is lasting without surgery or stoppage.


STOP EYE 2 ⁺ is a truly innovative device that uses the latest multi-radio frequency technology to effectively restore the vitality of the delicate facial area.

With our experience in using radio frequency on home equipment and our understanding of how radio frequency acts on the skin, TRIPOLLAR STOP EYE 2 is truly capable of providing.

The new Multi-RF technology ensures effective results because the exchanged RF waves "comb" the dermis and provide uniform heating for the entire collagen and elastin layer.

TriPollar Stop Eye 2⁺ also uses micro massage to provide gentle and pleasant vibrations, combined with Multi-RF waves. This promotes blood flow in the treated area to improve skin vitality and texture, ensuring effective results.


STEP 1 Cleanse


STEP 2 Apply Preparation Gel


STEP 3 Slow Circle Motions


STEP 4 Wash



Body:Slim, Tone and Relieve Muscle Pain

Innovative high-tech mid-frequency E.M.S with Led light device with mission to helps slim, shape, tone muscle and relieve muscle pain.


Lebody Form gives you

  • Strengthen Muscles
  • Decrease Body
  • FatCellulite Reduction
  • Improve Skin Elasticity



LEBODY is a device specially used for obesity care. It uses intermediate frequency to increase cell metabolism and strengthen and generate muscle through muscle contraction and relaxation. This can eliminate body waste and reduce cellulite without pain or discomfort. It can also induce muscle stimulation, help consume energy and accelerate blood circulation.

LEBODY FORM is a body sculpting instrument that uses electric current (medium frequency alternating current). It stimulates muscles through medium frequency, helps to strengthen muscles and increase energy consumption to burn fat in the body. You can also quickly massage stiff muscles after strenuous exercise to relieve muscle pain.

LEBODY FORM uses the 1,000Hz range, the skin resistance is the least in the intermediate frequency (1KHz~10KHz), and there is less pain and inconvenience. The intermediate frequency current penetrates deep into the muscles under the skin. The intermediate frequency directly stimulates the muscles.

LEBODY FORM is the ultimate choice for shaping a beautiful body. The intermediate frequency of LEBODY FORM strengthens muscles and reduces body fat by increasing cell metabolism. It can improve the skin current of the body and reduce swelling. LEBODY FORM is suitable for people who need to regularly manage their body lines as supplementary exercises and those who want to lose weight more effectively.

6 levels of intensity and 2 different modes (fitness, slimming): users can freely choose the intensity and mode according to user conditions and preferences. Due to the user's carelessness, it detects physical contact and protects the skin. Regardless of the patient's condition, LEBODY FORM can provide patients with safe and uniform current intensity.

Safe and reliable

6 levels of intensity and 2 different modes (gym, slim): users can freely choose the intensity and mode according to the user's condition and preferences.

Illuminance sensor: Due to the user's carelessness, it detects body contact and protects the skin.

Current compensation function: Regardless of the patient's condition, Lebo will provide the patient with a safe and uniform current.

Light! The equipment is only 270g, easy to operate!

No cables! It can be charged via a micro pin with a USB port, and the user can operate it anywhere.

Hair Removal:SmoothSkin,Quickly reduce unwanted hair forever

Discover the latest in at-home hair removal technology, with our range of salon-standard devices.


What you need to know

  • Use light pulses to grow fewer hairs in 12 weeks
  • Combine skin rejuvenation head to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots
  • Customized treatments with 6 intensity modes and 6 different heads
  • Painless, ICE technology keeps the head at 5°C
  • Move the head 180 degrees to reach all areas
  • 10 minutes to do the whole body, flash in a lifetime

Our expert opinion

 JOVS Venus Pro is the first device that combines permanent hair removal with anti-aging treatment. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment uses flashes of light to heat and kill the hair follicles. But because the built-in ICE technology can keep your head at 5°C, your skin will stay cool.

Change the head and perform a series of hair removal treatments from bikini to face. In just 10 minutes, use one of 6 intensity modes to treat your entire body. Use it once a week to reduce hair in 6 weeks. Then modify as needed.

For anti-aging benefits, use the skin rejuvenation accessory to smooth wrinkles, tighten skin, generate collagen and smooth fine lines within 10 minutes.

Why it works

 JOVS Venus Pro's intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment prevents hair growth by heating the hair follicles. When combined with skin rejuvenation heads, you will have powerful hair removal and anti-aging tools.

 You never need to buy more ink cartridges. The accompanying 500,000 flashes are enough for lifelong treatment. Use it once a week for 10 minutes for whole body IPL, combined with skin rejuvenation treatment, to make the skin smoother and younger within 6 weeks.

It's that simple

Step 1: Shave and dry the skin.

Step 2: Choose the correct head for your treatment area.

Step 3: Choose one of 6 modes and start a 10-minute treatment.

Step 4: ICE technology will keep your skin cool during the hair removal process.

Step 5: When finished, apply your favorite moisturizer.

“I love beauty and plants. I am always looking for the latest and best skin care products and beauty instruments, especially clean and organic ones! I think everyone has the right to get high-quality beauty products for any budget, and I'm always looking for new news in the industry, whether it's tips, tricks or products!”


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