PLAMINE Houronet



PLAMINE  Houronet

<Original cleansing net>

An original foaming net product that maximizes the power of foam
JAN code: 4580566160180

An original whipping net that maximizes the power of foam
Large fine mesh net creates dense foam like whipped cream.
Envelop your skin with fine bubbles to cleanse pores and blackheads.
An original facial cleansing net that supports the skin care effects of facial cleansers.

Product material
Net: Polyethylene
Ribbon: Polyester

Precautions for Use
●Do not wash your face or skin directly with this product.
●Do not pull more forcefully than necessary. Doing so may cause damage.
●Do not place near a fire or in a place with high temperatures.
●Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.

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