AXXZIA AG Anti-Glycemic Drink 4th Generation (25ml×30pcs)



AXXZIA AG Anti-Glycemic Drink 4th Generation (25ml×30pcs)

Drink your way to a beautiful habit and a shining future.
A new generation of beauty drinks that combines 5 unique herbal blends*1 with collagen to help you age*2.

Focusing on the newest trend of aging, "glycation countermeasures," it is easy to drink one a day to enhance your lifestyle!

*1 Purple chrysanthemum, mangosteen, hawthorn, yucca fruit, and mulberry leaf.
*2 Age-appropriate elasticity and shine care.

It gives women the power to upgrade their beauty.
With this belief, "AG Anti-Glycemic Drink Generation 4" has developed AXXZIA's unique ingredients by carefully combining five types of plant ingredients and fish collagen in an elaborate ratio to nurture beautiful skin from the inside and start shining every day.


How to use

It is recommended to keep refrigerated and shake well before drinking. Drink at any time of the day. It is recommended to drink after bathing to help eliminate the fatigue of the day and to refresh.

Raw Materials

Collagen peptide (with gelatin), erythritol, edible purple chrysanthemum extract, mangosteen extract, sharp thorn hawthorn extract, fennel extract, eugenia fruit extract, mulberry leaf extract/acid, edible flavor, sweetener (trichlorogalactose, butylammonium potassium)

Size specification

1 box (25ml×30pcs)

Product details

JAN Code:4560413151097

Total weight of goods:1100g

Dimensions (length, height, width):16.5cm, 16cm, 13cm

Release Date:2019-08-05


AXXZIA AG Anti-Glycemic Drink 4th Generation


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