NEW BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++ Plus Plus

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NEW BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++ (Plus Plus)

Ship from Japan.

The best head spa, esthetic-grade facial effects delivered from the scalp!

NEW BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++ (Plus Plus)

7 types of treatments, 4 modes
You can care from the scalp to the body with this one unit.
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1 Equipped with 7 types of functions, high output for business use

2. Easy to use, you can feel the effect in a short time

3 Corresponds to all the basic elements of scalp care

4 Easy-to-use cordless type

5 Lightweight and compact design

6 Compatible with metal allergies

7 By caring for the muscles of the scalp and head, it is also possible to lift up the face

8. A disinfectant and antibacterial stand is included as a set, so hygiene is safe

Patent wave "I.W wave" makes your skin healthy!

The structure of the I.W wave promotes ATP generation and muscle movement,
In June 2011, we obtained a patent for a facial beauty device that allows you to obtain firm skin.
(Patent No. 4759694)

NEW BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++ (Plus Plus)

Product specifications

Size: 203mm x 61mm x 61mm (height x width x thickness)
Weight: about 220g
Output adjustment: 10 steps
Power consumption: Approx. 5V, 200mA, 1W
Battery used: Lithium-ion battery
Waterproof function: None (waterproof) IPX4
(Please refrain from using it in a humid bathroom or using it with a steamer.)

[Disinfection antibacterial stand]
Outline: 70mm x 80mm x 150mm
Weight: about 180g
Power consumption: 5V, 800mA, 4W (during sterilization)
: 5V/10mA/0.05W (standby)

[AC adapter]
Outline: 48mm x 35mm x 24mm
Input: AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Output: DC5V, 2A

[USB charging cord]
A type-C type: 1m
A type-C type: 0.2m

 Set contents

1 main unit
disinfection antibacterial stand
power adapter
Power cable 0.2m, 1m (USB type-C)
Fixing band (2 pieces)
Cotton (20 sheets)
instruction manual
Dedicated pouch
Connector cap (spare)
BELEGA for Hair Lotion (1 bottle)

NEW BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++ (Plus Plus)

 How to use BELEGA Cell Cure 4T++ (Plus Plus) ?

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