DLUS RF Beauty Device SIX 4.2MHz


DLUS RF Beauty Device SIX 4.2MHz

The radio frequency technology revolution directly to the dermis--4.2MHz multi-pole radio frequency.

  • Directly to the dermis
  • No gel required
  • Fixed-point fit
DLUS RF Beauty Device SIX 4.2MHz

Three major functions: repair - lifting - wrinkle removal

Repair Contour--In the way of heating, the collagen is produced in a minimally invasive way to start the repair mechanism, reconstruct the collagen fiber scaffold, and repair the facial contour.

DLUS RF Beauty Device SIX 4.2MHz

Lifting and Firming--Stimulate the reorganization of collagen fiber peptide chains, use heat to shrink collagen and elastic fibers immediately, and lift and tighten the skin.

Wrinkle Rejuvenation--The thermal effect of the dermis stimulates the production of FGF, which promotes the production of more collagen by fibroblasts to achieve wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation.

Take 15 minutes a day to do the following 4 steps

  • Step 1 - Cleansing
  • Step 2 - Facial Care
  • Step 3 - Moisturizing
  • Step 4 - Machine Maintenance

Smart Adaptation:

  • After starting up, it automatically adapts to the current state of the skin and gradually increases the heat generation.
  • When staying on a certain skin for a long time, the power will be reduced and the temperature will be automatically controlled.
  • Intelligent timing, it will automatically stop after 15 minutes of starting up, and it can be started again if you continue to use it.


Brand: DLUS      

Model: SIX       

Function: RF Heat Import     

Average Power: 6W

Color Classification: Rechargeable SIX       

Power Supply Method: Rechargeable      

Gear Position: 3 levels        

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