I had a Fidun DPL card in the hospital before because I wanted to do red blood, and the experience was very good. Later, I happened to see Fan Bingbing's "Girl's Milk Light", so I ordered the Fidun NIR milk light package. To sum up The feeling is: amazing.

In the past ten years, I have played all kinds of photon skin rejuvenation and picosecond ultra-picosecond ultra-photon too many times, and my skin is relatively fair. In fact, I will not have a particularly obvious feeling for most photon projects, but milk light It really makes my face feel whiter and the gloss is much better!

It's not fake white or pale, but a radiant whiteness that you can immediately witness!

The ultraviolet rays from the outside world are really strong recently. I have to ride a bicycle to run back and forth every day, even if I have done physical sunscreen + chemical sunscreen. After all, I am running against the scorching sun. Slightly tanned.

At first I didn't realize this at all, until one day, my sister said to me: Look, my hands are whiter than yours now. After that, she stretched out her hand and I took a look...

Really, when my hand is compared with hers, it is not the problem of "not white", but yellowing.

It was also from that day that I made up my mind to take sun protection seriously, all-round sun protection, and at the same time whiten and brighten.

The first thing I did was to buy the Nowmi Lab milk light beauty device that my black and yellow skin friend strongly recommended to me before (she said that she was white all over by this), but I arrogantly said "Do you think I Do you need whitening?"

The NowMi TM device was created in 2017 to meet the important needs of the home beauty market. We know how busy life can get, juggling career, family and personal needs. That's why we've launched a skincare product that enables consumers of all skin types to incorporate high-efficiency, low-maintenance skincare into their busy lifestyles. NowMi treatments provide consumers with spa-quality facials at affordable prices, regardless of their location or time constraints. In just five minutes, NowMi technology delivers a powerful and fast facial that performs four simultaneous actions: skin exfoliation, nutrient infusion, oxygenation and skin protection. Best of all, consumers can enjoy NowMi spa treatments at home or on the go with our compact, portable and easy-to-use device.

NowMi TM was invented by Dr. Zion Azar, an expert in the field of medical aesthetics. Over the past 25 years, he has founded and co-founded several successful companies including Radiance®, Perfaction®, Ultragen® and Pollogen®, all of which have developed cutting-edge medical aesthetic solutions. He has also invented more than two dozen patents in the beauty industry, including TriPollar® Radio Frequency Technology, LHE® and Thermicon® Hair Removal Technology, TriLipo® Body Contouring Technology, TriFractional® Facial Sculpting Technology and OxyGeneo™ Super Facial Technology.

NowMi is manufactured by Amir-Ad Ltd, a company founded in 2011 by Dr. Azar. The company develops and commercializes innovative devices and treatments for the home beauty market. Its goal is to provide affordable, effective and easy-to-use facials for women and men of all age groups and ethnicities to help them look and feel their best.

NowMi brings spa professionalism into your home. NowMi devices are designed to help customers of all skin types rejuvenate and protect their skin in a cost-effective and convenient way. Its technology allows you to benefit from the most important aspects of professional facials with minimal effort. Utilizing the chemical reaction between effervescent vitamin C tablets and a unique gel containing vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, the NowMi treatment effectively exfoliates, cleans, nourishes and revitalizes skin in just five minutes. When the vitamin C tablet interacts with the gel, a C02-rich environment is created on the skin's surface, triggering the body's natural response by sending oxygen-rich blood to the target area. As a result, the skin oxidizes from within to maximize the absorption of anti-aging nutrients. Vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants that are fully absorbed by the skin and protect against free radicals caused by pollution, smoking and other external factors.

The Israeli NOWMI brand allows you to easily enjoy high-end cinema-level care products without leaving your home.

This beauty instrument is also the godfather of beauty in Israel. Dr. Zion Azar, who invented the first home radio frequency instrument more than ten years ago, developed a product that truly makes the cinema milk light home. It can be said that it is the second time in the industry. breakthrough.

Compared with the aforementioned cinema line milk light, the main difference between them is the different wave crests (the instrument wave crest of the cinema line is 1300, it can only reach 1100-1200), in addition, their technology, light wave band, principle It's all the same.

You must know that the card I used in the hospital before, the milk light is more than 2,000 once... (the hospital is more expensive, and the medical and aesthetic institutions will be slightly cheaper, but it is also more than 1,000)

And I already have a lot of beauty instruments, and I insist on using 2-3 models. Why should I add a new milk light beauty instrument? Because its functions do not overlap with other beauty instruments, what I value more is that it prevents blackening, resists UVA and UVB, repairs photodamage and photoaging, generates ATP, empowers the skin, and instantly shows bright, white and plump skin effect.

Moreover, the penetration depth of milk light is deeper than existing photonic skin rejuvenation and laser. This is because the general photonic rejuvenation or hair removal uses pulsed light/laser, which is visible light/colored light below 760nm, while near-infrared light has a higher wavelength band than photonic rejuvenation, which means it can penetrate the skin surface more effectively And reach the deeper dermis layer, which can reach 5-10mm, as deep as the dermis layer to the fascia layer, and promote collagen production.

Therefore, its performance in delicate skin, acne scar removal, and dark yellowing is much better than previous beauty instruments.

*In an 8-week pilot study, the mean melasma Area and Severity Score Index (MASI) decreased from 21 initially to 13 after 8 weeks on one side of the face irradiated with 940 nm near-infrared light, but not irradiated The other side of the face remained unchanged, proving that near-infrared light can inhibit the formation of melanin and melasma.

I have a lot of spots on half of my face, so I specially took a comparison picture for you. This is before and after I used it for four weeks. After washing my face and drying my face without applying anything, I used the rear camera (the rear camera took the picture) Yes, it is clearer and deeper than what the human eye can see) Taking pictures of the same half of the face under the same light source, you can imagine how different this "small change" is for someone like me who has done photorejuvenation for too many years. Is it easy, to the point where I want to shed tears (click the picture to enlarge it):

This is the record that the user made with VISIA before and after 4 weeks, which is more intuitive:


If you want me to summarize, Nowmi Lab milk light is: what ordinary beauty devices can do: firming, reducing wrinkles, stimulating collagen regeneration, promoting metabolism, etc., it can do what ordinary beauty devices can't: sun protection , brightening, melasma, melatonin, empowering cells, only it can do it. (However, milk light itself does not have the effect of lightening wrinkles, it only achieves the visual effect of moisturizing and supporting dry lines and fine lines by stimulating collagen regeneration, so if you just want to resist aging, firming, and lifting, do not choose milk light beauty. Instrument, it is not the most ruthless in this regard, I still use silk)

The "tender and bright white feeling" it brings is not an illusion, it is all technically supported.

Its effect mainly comes from the following four aspects:

1. Light can penetrate the epidermis directly to the superficial and middle layers of the dermis, and the photosynthesis produced produces a large amount of ATP, which empowers cells to promote metabolism, accelerates the discharge of melanin, improves skin gloss, and evens skin tone.

2. The dermis reaches the golden temperature of 43°C for collagen regeneration within 20 seconds, collagen is regenerated, collagen fibers are tightened, the thickness and density of the dermis increase, and skin elasticity is improved. The temperature rises from the inside out, allowing the epidermis to fully relax and achieve a silky touch.

3. Directly irradiate the melanocytes at the bottom of the epidermis to stop the production of melanin and inhibit the formation of melanin.

4. The epidermis relaxes and the dermis is filled and firmed, which improves the light refractive index of the skin and makes the skin look more translucent.

Let me show everyone that I didn't paint anything after I finished typing, I used the front camera to take pictures of myself, without any filters to retouch the picture, the pure original picture is white and glowing:


The official recommendation is 2 times a week for about 20 minutes each time, but because it is so convenient to use, the effect is good, and it does not require any medium, after washing your face, you can directly dry your hands and dry your face. I now use it to slap my face and hands every day before going out, adding up to about 5 minutes. By the way, I also slap the calves that my sunscreen can't take care of, so that they are ready for sun protection.

Why is Nowmi Lab's near-infrared light able to protect against sun?

Does it sound weird to use sunscreen? But in fact, light is also divided into "good" and "bad". The near-infrared light we get from sunlight every day is "good light" from an evolutionary point of view, because of its photobiomodulation (such as photosynthesis in plants). Effect) can energize the mitochondrial membrane, thereby producing a large amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), ATP is a direct source of energy for skin cells, can enhance the repair and regeneration of cells and proteins, to resist UVA and UVB, and promote collagen regeneration.

*Research reports show that the number of living cells in the skin tissue not irradiated with near-infrared light was reduced by 45% and 75% after UVA and UVB irradiation, respectively, while the other group of skin tissue irradiated with near-infrared light for 30 minutes beforehand. Only reduced by 15% and 45%, proving that near-infrared light can protect skin fibroblasts from the cytotoxicity of solar ultraviolet rays.

In other words, Milkshine is a "protective light from nature" that prepares the skin for the oncoming harmful UV rays.

The research report shows that exposure to near-infrared light can play a role in sun protection/protection, and its protective effect lasts for three days, and multiple exposure to near-infrared light can play a superimposed protective effect.

Since 43°C is the golden temperature for collagen remodeling (research reports indicate that heating the skin tissue until the temperature reaches 43°C for 90 seconds to 5 minutes can induce collagen remodeling, and the skin surface temperature exceeds 43°C C has the risk of burns), while Nowmi Lab PIR has higher energy than a typical home radio frequency instrument, can heat the skin to 43°C faster (as fast as 20 seconds), and can maintain it in a larger area. 43°C constant temperature, to achieve the effect of lifting, firming and reducing fine lines:


And the milk light is mild and painless. IPL can cause pain because the energy of visible light/colored light is absorbed by the hemoglobin and melanin in the red blood capillaries, and the pain signal is sent by the nerves. The near-infrared light does not contain any visible light/colored light, and it will only feel warm when it is irradiated on the skin, and will not cause any pain.

And what immediately impressed me with Nowmi Lab was its stroboscopic light-giving form - it has three gears, and the first and second gears are "automatic flashing" (one gear every second 5 times, the second gear is 3 times per second), and the third gear is "single flash", click to flash once. Students who have undergone photorejuvenation or hair removal in medical and beauty institutions will be familiar with these two forms. Generally, whether it is photorejuvenation or hair removal, you will first push the "automatic flash" for you, and then press and hold on the key parts. Doing a "single flash" is the best because a stroboscopic light source is more effective than a continuous light source at both levels of skin repair and collagen growth. Because beneficial short-lived reactive oxygen species (ROS bursts) triggered by near-infrared light irradiation awaken the body's antioxidant mechanisms.

I started using it at the time: ah, this familiar feeling! I knew this beauty instrument was stable.

Its safety is certified by the EU's authoritative CE, ROHS, US FCC, and my country's national standard. After the visible light (colored light) below 900nm is isolated, the light wave is harmless to the eyes and skin. And it also has temperature sensing to prevent burns: when the skin surface temperature reaches 43 °C, the thermostat will automatically switch to the lowest energy level, reducing the light output speed (click the use mode to automatically stop light output), until the skin temperature drops to a suitable temperature. Recovery; in addition, only when the skin is close to the 2 metal pieces of the bald head (you can see the backlight turns green from the mirror) will emit light waves to prevent light leakage, glare, and false flashes.

The steps to use are very simple:


When using the milk light beauty instrument, you only need to gently slide it on the face (1-2 gears) or tap (3 gears), do not press hard to cause the filter to come into direct contact with the skin, and do not use your hands Cover the vents on the back!


Finally, let me show you the hands I got back from milk light this month (thanks to milk light for saving my dignity from my sister):


I hope everyone can be whiter and more tender, not only the whole face is white, but the whole body is white!

We still say the same thing: beauty equipment is not expensive, but persistence.

MYERNK is NOWMI authorized agent, you can order PIR – PULSED NEAR INFRARED DEVICE BY NOWMI LAB through MYERNK official website.

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