CHOUOHC THE MORPHO anti aging beauty device

5 minutes to reset aging, one-click get for efficient skin management

Just 5 minutes a day, start the skin defense battle, easily fight back dryness, sagging and aging.

Today's busy urban women experience increasing pressure in their lives in meetings and PPTs, and they also tend to neglect their own management. In the precious rest time, you should actually take care of yourself more. A skin spa is a healing activity that most office women are willing to pay to enjoy, but if you can achieve a beauty salon-level skin care experience at home, isn’t it more efficient and more valuable?

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Brand Story

As we all know, Dr.Arrivo (representing the product Zeus II) has a high status in the beauty instrument industry, and has always been an unsurpassed existence among female consumers, especially in the circle of celebrities. And CHOUOHC Morpho butterfly, which belongs to Artistic&Co. Zeus Group, is today's protagonist. At the moment of emphasizing efficient time management, deep skin care can be completed in 5 minutes, which is the main advantage of CHOUOHC Morpho beauty instrument. The efficacy of this beauty instrument is just like its Chinese name "Moropodium". When using it, it has a light and comfortable feeling like a butterfly's wings dab on the skin. It only takes 5 minutes to achieve a glowing and moisturizing feeling from the inside out. key to reset aging.

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Appealing Crowd

People who need dual-effect management of skin texture + contour. The human face has 44 expressive muscles, and daily facial expressions cannot exercise the facial muscles evenly. With the increase of age, it will lead to insufficient facial support, and facial flesh such as hairy cheeks and deepening of the nasolabial folds will sag. At the same time, irregular work and rest, staying up late and eating habits will increase the secretion of cortisol and the production of free radicals, which will further damage the health of the skin, accelerate aging, and lead to dullness, water-oil imbalance, etc. The appearance of CHOUOHC Morpho beauty instrument can fully save your skin condition. It inherits the core technology of Artistic&Co. Group, which can dilute the expression lines, provide support for the skin, and tighten the contour. Sufficient nutrients are added to the bottom of the skin to help the skin metabolize, and the official essence can also increase the anti-oxidative effect.

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Performance Interpretation

CHOUOHC THE MORPHO anti aging beauty instrument is the first product of the group equipped with 1Mhz high-frequency wave, which has a more in-depth effect of rejuvenating the skin compared with other beauty products. In addition, it also contains a variety of other currents acting on the skin, including EMS alternating current, MFIP intermittent pulse and UP ultra-pulse introduction, these currents will alternately "massage" the skin during use, effectively care for the facial muscles and prevent loosening. Deeply nourishes and radiates skin in all directions.

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CHOUOHC Morpho home beauty instrument has two modes, RE Mode daily mode and RM Mode weekly mode. Users can choose the usage mode according to their own needs. When the user turns on the RE Mode day mode, the indicator light is blue, and this mode can be used with the official gel. EMS alternating current and RF high-frequency waves will alternately act on the skin, exercise the muscles of expression, and promote circulation and metabolism. A complete set of deep care can be completed in 5 minutes every morning, with the official leave-in gel, the skin feels moist and firm after use. However, when the user has no time to use it every day, the RM Mode weekly mode is a better choice, and it is used with the official golden cap recovery essence (the core ingredient is royal jelly, which is a precious anti-aging ingredient). Compared with the RE Mode daily mode, the RM Mode weekly mode can achieve more nourishing and in-depth management effects at one time. This mode adopts UP ultra-pulse introduction, MFIP intermittent pulse and RF high-frequency waves. The indicator light shows purple when in use. The three technologies work alternately to soften and warm the skin, stretch the facial muscles, tighten the contour, and then nourish from the inside out. to the stratum corneum of the skin. Continue to use Morpho Butterfly, you will find that the skin becomes more and more firm, translucent and radiant.

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The time of urban white-collar workers and exquisite mothers is very precious. There is very little time to spend on skin management. However, the skin needs to be reset every day under high pressure environment. Therefore, CHOUOHC emphasizes "high efficiency and efficiency". As a rising star, Morpho home beauty instrument is being noticed by more and more women. After work, treat yourself well and enjoy the moment, which is a delicate and bright life.

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