LIPOVIT GSH Liposomes Glutathione 30 packets

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LIPOVIT GSH Liposomes Glutathione


Product Description

It is the first supplement in Japan to contain the white pearlescent skin ingredient GSH in the form of liposomes.
[Liposomal Glutathione]
GSH is a component that makes the skin white and luminous and supports the beauty of the body in the form of cysteine peptides.
[Nanoprocessing penetrates into every corner of the body]
Nano-processed skin rejuvenation ingredients (1/300th of the cell size) are dispersed to every corner of the body.
It is finer than conventional supplements and can be expected to have excellent absorption.
[Four commitments to safety]
"Produced in a GMP-certified factory in Japan and made with genetically modified, alcohol-free, high-quality lecithin for liposomes."
It can be used safely even by children.

How to use

It can be consumed directly with water, but it is effective if it is dissolved in 100 to 200 ml of water or drink.
Lipobit GSH has a refreshing grape flavor, so it can be consumed comfortably every day.
Product Specification

Product Specification: 1 box: 30 sachets (value 30 days) / 1 sachet: 2.6g
Product composition: Each contains 1000mg of vitamin c (equivalent to 1050mg of L-ascorbic acid)
Place of origin: Japan
Terms and Conditions

This product is not eligible for warranty
The product is made of natural ingredients, the color of the capsule may produce color difference, the packaging design may be changed at any time, after unpacking, no return or exchange will be accepted, if not acceptable, please do not buy the product with Japanese instructions, this product is not a substitute for medicine.

Before use, please follow these instructions:

🚫 Conduct a skin adaptability test before using the instrument for the first time to ensure safety and prevent skin abnormalities.
🚫 Do not use this product under the following conditions:
Patients with heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure.
People with facial nerve disorders .Persons who have undergone facial surgeries involving implants.
Individuals with skin diseases, atopic dermatitis, or allergies.
Growing children and individuals who cannot express themselves.
Pregnant individuals or those who may be pregnant.
Individuals who have undergone eye surgeries (please consult a doctor if you have had LASIK surgery).

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