SEAYEO Pro LED Light facial Beauty Device


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SEAYEO Pro LED Light facial Beauty Device


Ship is from HongKong.

SEAYEO Photorejuvenation PRO
Private high-end customization
Body Beauty SPA

SEAYEO Pro LED Light facial Beauty Device

lady maintenance
Open up the anti-aging pathway, brighten and brighten

Compared with the previous generation, where has the Pro been upgraded?
bigger area
more energy
To achieve "household equipment" PK theater equipment"

SEAYEO Pro LED Light facial Beauty Device

more quantity
450 high-precision chips
24k gold thread blessing to create "golden skin care"
Anti-spot, anti-darkness, anti-yellowing, anti-redness

Extract the golden band of the sun from the visible wide spectrum to act on the skin
High-purity strong light reaches the bottom of the skin directly

SEAYEO Pro LED Light facial Beauty Device

Added 5 major functions
Whole body skin care
special care
Post-Project Broken Skin Care
Aids in skin healing
hair care mode
Strengthen hair, improve hair loss
Regulate scalp environment
private mode
Balance the private micro-ecology
Hydrating intimate skin
Anti-aging mode
Promote collagen regeneration
Improves skin self-healing power
Stretch Marks Care
light grain polishing
Dilute melanin, improve skin elasticity
Stretch marks on various parts, postpartum uneven and old marks, obesity marks, growth marks

Unique function Sensitive skin savior
pure yellow light
soothe the skin
Relieves redness and itching
pure red light
Strong skin barrier
Reduce the probability of skin problems

Dry skin and oily skin, repel "black, red, yellow"
M1, M2 skin rejuvenation mode
Tender skin, shrink pores, fade fine lines
M3, M4 acne mode
Improve acne skin, lighten acne marks, reduce new acne
M5, M6 whitening mode
Improve the absorption of skin care products and improve skin breakouts
Permeation enhancement
M7, M8 whitening mode
Brighten skin tone
M9 oil control mode
Inhibit oil secretion
Reduce closed mouth and adjust water-oil balance

more intimate
memory mode + wake up mode
memory mode
Inherit when turned on
The mode and time used before the last shutdown
No need to repeat settings, saving time and effort!
Free combination: single mode, combined mode memory function
wake up mode
Delayed start setting
Awakened by beauty light in the morning
Set the start time at night, and you can fall asleep at ease
The first ray of light in the morning is the "golden sun"

Product List:
thank you card、manual、silicone eye mask、the host、Power Adapter、goggles.

MYERNK is an authorized agent of SEAYEO.
MYERNK offers a 12-month limited warranty on the SEAYEO.

Before use, please follow these instructions:

🚫 Conduct a skin adaptability test before using the instrument for the first time to ensure safety and prevent skin abnormalities.
🚫 Do not use this product under the following conditions:
Patients with heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure.
People with facial nerve disorders .Persons who have undergone facial surgeries involving implants.
Individuals with skin diseases, atopic dermatitis, or allergies.
Growing children and individuals who cannot express themselves.
Pregnant individuals or those who may be pregnant.
Individuals who have undergone eye surgeries (please consult a doctor if you have had LASIK surgery).

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joyce L

Overall review: I've been using it for a while, and it's been pretty good. It has quite a range of functions inside, and you can adjust them based on your needs . I find myself using the skin-smoothing and acne-clearing features the most. The fact that I can do skincare while lying down and playing on my phone is just awesome!


I use it once every three days. After several times, I see great changes. My skin is more delicate, smooth and even than before. I also use it to treat my 14-year-old son's acne on his face. Thank Ms. Clare for her after-sales service. She was patient and friendly and answered many of my questions. I will recommend this product to my friends.

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