Dr Arrivo THE ZEUS Ⅲ Beauty Device


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Dr Arrivo THE ZEUS Ⅲ Beauty Device

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TP <tapping pulse>
With our unique technology, by intermittently outputting pulses, we have achieved a pleasant stimulation similar to esthetician's tapping. You can take care of all skin troubles at once.
HP <Hand Press Pulse>
Insertion puls*, EMS (muscle exercise) and warming (medium and high frequency) are output simultaneously from the device.
*Insert Balus provides a non-cutting electric balus that replenishes the serum components of the essence applied to the skin and maximizes its effects.
Special Care
In addition to ГTP" and "HP", this mode can simultaneously output a high frequency that warms up gradually. This is the ultimate home care treatment mode that pursues pleasant stimulation and warming effects.
DF <Dio Frequensi>
This mode uses two different types of high-frequency waves to warm not only the surface of the skin but also a wide area, allowing you to experience even more firm skin.
Daily Care
This mode increases the efficiency of EMS by warming up and exercising muscles at the same time.

<5 features>
Equipped with a touch panel
The touch panel provides easy-to-understand operability. To further prevent accidental activation, lock the screen while in use.
6 mode switching
Six modes can be switched, and the icons are displayed in an easy-to-understand manner, so you can easily switch modes with a touch.

How to use
special care
SpecialCare mode 1-2 times a week, 10 minutes each time
TP mode + HP mode 10 minutes / DF mode 10 minutes 1-2 times a week
1. Move from under your chin to behind your ears, then from behind your ears to your shoulders.
2. From under your chin, move toward your shoulders for 3 seconds at a time.
3. From the eyebrows to the hairline, move from the bottom up.
daily care

Daily Care mode 10 minutes per day
1. Move from the bottom of the chin to the shoulder in order, holding for 3 seconds at a time.
2. Move from the chin to the temples, holding for 3 seconds at a time.
3. Start with the eyebrows and move toward the hairline, holding for 3 seconds at a time.

Product specifications
Product Name: ZeusIII
Accessories: Instruction manual and warranty
AC adapter-
Dedicated stand
Size: About H205xW60xD66mm
Body weight: about 186g

MYERNK is an authorized agent of Dr Arrivo THE ZEUS Ⅲ.
MYERNK offers a 12-month limited warranty on the Dr Arrivo THE ZEUS Ⅲ.

Before use, please follow these instructions:

🚫 Conduct a skin adaptability test before using the instrument for the first time to ensure safety and prevent skin abnormalities.
🚫 Do not use this product under the following conditions:
Patients with heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure.
People with facial nerve disorders .Persons who have undergone facial surgeries involving implants.
Individuals with skin diseases, atopic dermatitis, or allergies.
Growing children and individuals who cannot express themselves.
Pregnant individuals or those who may be pregnant.
Individuals who have undergone eye surgeries (please consult a doctor if you have had LASIK surgery).

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