ENVIG EDGE RF beauty instrument



Worried about the large pores in front of the camera being exposed?
Do you want to have light girly skin all the time?
Stay up all night with broken face and hard to restore fine lines?

EDGE Blade
Multi-pole lattice radio frequency beauty instrument
Comprehensively improve skin texture to show youthful radiance

Skin firmness | Improve skin elasticity! Improve skin tone | Reduce crow's feet

Revolutionizing Gold Microneedle Technology to Create Non-invasive Fractional Radio Frequency

The non-invasive fractional radio frequency head directly touches the skin,
Its depth of action is precisely controlled to the stratum corneum and epidermis,
Promote aging tissue metabolism, accelerate skin rejuvenation,
While ensuring a smooth, firming effect,
Reduces damage to the surface of the skin.

The first weight: Pulse F (FractionalRF/fractional RF)

Unique 49 beams of non-invasive fractional radio frequency,
It can accelerate the metabolism of old epidermal cells and melanin,
promote the regeneration of young cells,
Faster and more concentrated improvement of dullness and roughness,
This results in a youthful, smooth and delicate skin appearance.

Rejuvenate Restore youthful skin texture Skin elasticity +11.20%*

28 days crow's feet count - 30.31%*

Whole face smooth and delicate subject feedback

90.32% of subjects felt skin firmer

87.10% of subjects felt improved skin texture

77.42% of subjects felt more even skin tone

83.87% of subjects feel Skin is smooth and elastic
Breakthrough no-use gel ready-to-use with no follow-up costs

Different from traditional radio frequency beauty instruments,
The annual cost of the gel for continuous use is 200-300¥
EDGE does not need to apply any gel,
With one purchase, you can enjoy the skin rejuvenation effect brought by fractional radio frequency for a long time. Save money and worry.segmented skin care
Skin glows with a healthy glow


clean face


select gear
For the first time, it is recommended to start with resistance


Divide the face into four treatment areas: right cheek, left cheek, forehead, and mouth. Put the guide head against the skin, press the "Activate" button, and move to the next area after hearing the beeping sound.


deep hydration
Follow-up skin care
Moisturizing mask is recommended

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