SEAYEO Eye beauty device



The new MogiBox series of wearable beauty devices
SEAYEO Purple Elf Eye Mask New


635nm pulse wave red light
Activate collagen
deep into the dermis
Let the collagen "boom" again
Lightens eye lines, lifts eye area


EMS Dynamic Muscle Activation Technology
Deeply relax the eye muscles from the inside out
Double the firming effect
Let the orbicularis oculi muscle "move"
Covering the orbicularis oculi and lateral head muscles makes the eye area tighter


4 silicone contacts, large area coverage
Widen the heated area around the eyes
Mobilize the muscles around the eyes
Anti-tear trough, bags under the eyes, sagging eye area, deep anti-aging


MOGI BOX charging box
30 days on a single charge
Power up to 4000mAh
Enjoy eye spa anytime, anywhere

charging method
Charging method: Put the left and right controllers into the mogibox charging box, charge for about 2 hours at a time*
During charging, the red breathing light is on
After charging is complete, the red breathing light goes out
* Due to the use of the controller, the power storage of the controller is different, please refer to the actual charging time

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