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ALLPAIR gene lifting drink

Empowers the skin with youthful vitality + directly replenishes collagen for powerful collaboration
Create a renewed, firmer complexion

AIIPAIR Fish Collagen Drink

Stable and revitalizing, eliminating waste and welcoming the new year
The brand specializes in two major technologies
1: Low temperature extraction (Crvo-extraction) technology
Utilize low-temperature extraction process
Improve the effectiveness of ingredients
Enough nutrients are retained

AIIPAIR Fish Collagen Drink

2: Nanotechnology*autophagy system
Small molecules are easier to absorb, and old and waste cells are constantly replaced, achieving youthful circulation in the skin.

AIIPAIR Fish Collagen Drink

Multiple thinning formulas create a tighter face
Exogenous sources supplement endogenous support
Specialization: SECRET compound formula
Repair damaged muscle base and improve skin elasticity level
Noni--Fish Collagen--Pineapple Extract


AIIPAIR Fish Collagen Drink

COMB EXTRACT: Hydrating and plumping

AIIPAIR Fish Collagen Drink

Elastin: elastic and firm
Blood Orange Extract: Brightening and Antioxidant
Mangosteen extract: anti-sugar

AIIPAIR Fish Collagen Drink

Strengthen and empower both internally and externally
SECRET scientific compounding
Noni + Fish Collagen + Pineapple Extract
Noni: regulates skin
Fish Collagen: Injecting support into the skin
Pineapple Extract: Defense Free

AIIPAIR Fish Collagen Drink

Ultra-low temperature extraction, autophagy rejuvenation
Beyond the bottom line of tight appearance
1: External defense
Surface oxygen protection protects and empowers from the source
2: Internal revitalization
Endogenous extraction SECRET complex repair
3: Deep filling
Autophagy System Nutritional Supplement Collagen Lifting and Plumping

Multiplexed collagen
Hyaluronic acid + collagen two-pronged approach

AIIPAIR Fish Collagen Drink

It is recommended to take one pill every morning and evening on an empty stomach.
Shake gently and drink
Please drink as soon as possible after opening. Since this product uses natural raw materials, there will be differences in color after being left for a long time. This is not a quality problem, so please feel free to drink it.

AIIPAIR Fish Collagen Drink

Product description
Product name: ALLPAIR lifting drink
Specifications: 20ml*30
Origin: Japan
Ingredients: Noni extract, fish collagen, cockscomb extract (contains hyaluronic acid), mangosteen extract, elastin
Main functions: Lifting, firming, plumping, delicate, smooth and translucent

Before use, please follow these instructions:

🚫 Conduct a skin adaptability test before using the instrument for the first time to ensure safety and prevent skin abnormalities.
🚫 Do not use this product under the following conditions:
Patients with heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure.
People with facial nerve disorders .Persons who have undergone facial surgeries involving implants.
Individuals with skin diseases, atopic dermatitis, or allergies.
Growing children and individuals who cannot express themselves.
Pregnant individuals or those who may be pregnant.
Individuals who have undergone eye surgeries (please consult a doctor if you have had LASIK surgery).

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