STSM Graphene Far Infrared Mask


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STSM Graphene Far Infrared Mask

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STSM Graphene Far Infrared Mask

the light of life
The far-infrared wavelength released by the graphene heating film is close to the wavelength of the human body, concentrated between 5.6~15um

STSM Graphene Far Infrared Mask

Scientific Skin Care! Understanding Graphene
"Popular Science Graphene Far Infrared"
What is graphene?
Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial that is only one carbon atom thick. It has broad application prospects in the fields of electronics, optics, biomedicine, energy storage and sensors, and is recognized as the "future material" and "revolutionary material" of the 21st century. Its discoverers were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.
very light
4 grams of graphene is enough to cover a standard football field
very thin
The thickness of graphene only changes by 0.335nm, which is 1/200,000th of a hair
very hard
It's 200 times stronger than steel
High thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity of single-layer graphene can reach 5300 W/mk
unique optical properties
Only absorbs 2.3% of light, which is equivalent to 97.7% light transmittance, almost transparent
Small resistivity
The resistivity of graphene is only 10-6Q cm

Features of graphene heating film
A. Planar heating, even heating, long life
B. Fast heat generation, fast heat transfer, heat up in 1 second, and rise to 35°C in 10 seconds
C. Low voltage and high heat, 3.7V power supply can heat up to above 50°C
D. 100% carbon produces far-infrared radiation, which has good medical and physical therapy effects
E. Easy conversion of low-grade energy to high-grade applications
F. Flexible, bendable, transparent, thin and light

STSM Graphene Far Infrared Mask

 Graphene VS LED masks on the market
The far-infrared wavelength emitted by the graphene mask is close to that of the human body, which is easily absorbed by the human body and directly acts on the collagen of the dermis

STSM Graphene Far Infrared Mask

Product parameters
Brand STSM
Product Name STSM Pure Graphene Beauty Mask
Power size 25W
Packing list storage box, wire control, mask, manual
Power input 11.5V
Three-speed temperature control White light (55°) Orange light (60°) Red light (70°)

MYERNK is an authorized agent of STSM.
MYERNK offers a 12-month limited warranty on the STSM.

Before use, please follow these instructions:

🚫 Conduct a skin adaptability test before using the instrument for the first time to ensure safety and prevent skin abnormalities.
🚫 Do not use this product under the following conditions:
Patients with heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure.
People with facial nerve disorders .Persons who have undergone facial surgeries involving implants.
Individuals with skin diseases, atopic dermatitis, or allergies.
Growing children and individuals who cannot express themselves.
Pregnant individuals or those who may be pregnant.
Individuals who have undergone eye surgeries (please consult a doctor if you have had LASIK surgery).

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